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  1. Сысуева Оксана
  2. Алексанлра Никитина

Участники: Slytherlin

Тема исследования группы

What’s the climate of Wales like?

Каков климат в Уэльсе?

Проблемный вопрос (вопрос для исследования)

What are the peculiar properties of the climate of Wales?

Цели исследования

  1. Узнать, каков климат в Уэльсе
  2. Определить, как климат Уэльса отличается от климата других регионов
  3. Выяснить, какие факторы влияют на формирование климата Уэльса
  4. Отследить меры по борьбе с изменением климата в регионе.

Результаты проведённого исследования

In Wales the climate is oceanic, cool, humid and cloudy for most of the year. The wind blows frequently too. However, there are differences depending on the area. The coasts are milder, while the inland areas, where hills and low mountains are found, are colder, and can experience heavy snowfalls in winter. Precipitation is abundant on the south-western coast and in inland hills, where it exceeds 1,500 millimeters (60 inches) per year, while it drops to 850-1,000 mm (33-40 in) on the remaining coasts. The mean annual temperature at low altitudes in Wales varies from about 9.5 °C to 11 °C, with the higher values occurring around or near to the coasts. The mean annual temperature decreases by approximately 0.5 °C for each 100 metres increase in height so that, for example, a location at 400 metres would have a mean annual temperature of about 7.5 °C. On this basis, Snowdon (at 1085 metres) would have an annual mean of about 5 °C. Over the UK, mean annual temperatures range from about 7 °C in the Shetlands to over 11 °C in Cornwall and the Channel Islands.

This national summary presents the Wales-specific evidence included in the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA2) Evidence Report. The national summary follows the same chapter structure as the Evidence Report, and describes each of the risks and opportunities in turn. The key areas where we will focus our action are: • A comprehensive approach to behaviour change. • Leading by example in the Assembly Government and wider public sector to consider climate change in all decision-making. • Delivering increased energy efficiency, making low carbon transport a reality, and building the skills needed to ensure that Wales can make the most of opportunities from a low carbon economy. • Making the most of opportunities to cut emissions and adapt to climate change where our natural resources, land management pattern, and economic position allow. • Ensuring that our approach to R&D, technology, innovation and skills help Wales gain maximum benefit from climate change related business and research. • Creating a framework to support effective adaptation that delivers for those most in need and those less able to adapt. • Ensuring that land use and spatial planning promote sustainable development and enable a move towards a low carbon economy which takes account of future climate impacts.



В процессе работы над проектом мы выяснили, что климат Великобритании относится к области умеренно-континентального климата морского типа, который характеризуется теплой зимой и нежарким летом, является умеренным, океаническим, мягким и влажным. Глобальное изменение климата влияет также на Великобританию, правительство страны и отдельных регионов принимают меры по борьбе с изменением климата.

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