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  1. Сысуева Оксана
  2. Алексанлра Никитина

Участники: Ravenclaw

Тема исследования группы

What’s the climate of England like?

Каков климат в Англии?

Проблемный вопрос (вопрос для исследования)

What are the peculiar properties of the climate of England?

Цели исследования

  1. Узнать, каков климат в Англии
  2. Определить, как климат Англии отличается от климата других регионов
  3. Выяснить, какие факторы влияют на формирование климата Англии
  4. Отследить меры по борьбе с изменением климата в регионе.

Результаты проведённого исследования

Britain is an island country and the surrounding sea gives England a varied climate. In England, the climate is temperate and influenced by the ocean, and it's cool for most of the year.We never know what the weather will be like from one day to the other. It can be sunny one day and rainy the next. As we have such a variable climate changing from day to day, it is difficult to predict the weather. In general we have warm summers and cool winters. Our summers are cooler than those on the continent, but the winters are milder. England is warmer and sunnier than any of the other countries making up the United Kingdom. The month with the most sunshine is July, which is also England's driest month. England's climate is expected to change over the course of a few decades due to pollution and global warming. Annual temperatures are expected to rise by two degrees Celsius and summer highs are expected to soar by three degrees by the year 2050. Rainfall will decrease in general but winter rainfall will increase.

The climate of the region is changing. The CCC has developed indicators to track emissions, progress in low-carbon investments, and the development of government policies. This allows early identification of any areas where targets could be missed. Some of the indicators we track include: Emissions in an average unit of electricity – and how low this could go if we used our existing power infrastructure differently. Size of onshore and offshore wind farms at various stages of the project cycle. Emissions from new cars and the rate of development in electric vehicles market. The number of lofts and walls being insulated and boilers upgraded, including moves to low-carbon heat such as ultra-efficient heat pumps. Progress of government policies such as grants for electric vehicles and Electricity Market Reform.

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В процессе работы над проектом мы выяснили, что климат Великобритании относится к области умеренно-континентального климата морского типа, который характеризуется теплой зимой и нежарким летом, является умеренным, океаническим, мягким и влажным. Глобальное изменение климата влияет также на Великобританию, правительство страны и отдельных регионов принимают меры по борьбе с изменением климата.

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