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Apple has yet to unharness a confirmed date for when the iPhone 5 will be released and do not hold your breath, as a result of you're unlikely to receive any confirmed Apple iPhone 5 unleash date any time soon. most of the people were expecting the discharge of the iPhone five in October this year however Apple surprised everyone by releasing the iPhone 4S instead. The 4S was a changed and improved version of the iPhone 4. The camera became a solid eight mega pixels from the 5 mega pixels in the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S conjointly runs on the iOS five which is an upgraded version of the ever good operating system of Apple, the iOS. There have been several guesses and expectations as to when the iPhone five can finally be released and what features it is expected to own. The Apple iPhone 5 release date is not one thing which is known but some educated guesses can be made based on leaks, reports and past trends. 1st we are going to talk alittle bit about the features you can expect on your iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5 options

The iPhone 5 is expected to have a whole bunch of new options which will blow your mind away. the foremost common rumor doing the rounds is that the iPhone 5 will have a 3D camera with 3D picture and video capabilities. along with this the phone also will be able to take Panorama footage for 360 degree angle views on excellent sceneries. If you do not need to shoot 3D videos you'll shoot full HD videos at 1080p. This unmatched image and video quality will render all your camcorders and digital cameras useless. even though the Apple iPhone five release date may be a year away, there's one feature which may be confirmed. The iPhone five are going to be a world phone and it'll have a simless body. it will be able to carry GSM and CDMA networks and you'll use it as a world phone. you'll also be certain that the iPhone 5 can have 4G facilities.

Most Expected Dates

The Apple iPhone 5 unleash date rumors have led us to narrow down three doable dates for the discharge of the iPhone 5. first is the Macworld convention in January. this is often an unlikely date but Apple just would possibly surprise us. this can be an unlikely date as a result of the iPhone 4S is doing o.k. in the market straight away and it is possible to wait for it to slow down. consequent possibility is that the WWDC in June 2012. this is often a awfully seemingly date as Apple will need to make a show out of it. The last most likely time is the October 2012. this can be also a decent guess since Apple can have an honest buffer period between the iPhone 4S and iPhone five. One thing is definite, the phone will definitely be worth the wait.

iphone 5 release date in 2012