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Flashing a custom ROM to your HTC Touch Pro enables you to have an operating technique that fits your likes and needs. In quite a few situations, custom ROMs strip out non critical preinstalled application at the same time as apply various performance tweaks. In my knowledge, using a custom ROM is considerably far better than the stock ROM just due to overall performance. The distinction is evening and day! Touch Flo 3D does not lag, applications open more rapidly, switching involving applications is substantially faster, returning to the Right now screen is faster, and all round method responsiveness is a lot faster than just before. desbloquear lg

NOTE: These methods only apply if you have a CDMA Touch Pro. These directions Will not Perform using a GSM Touch Pro*. Also, in case you to return your telephone for any cause, you'll have to flash back for the stock ROM and relock the telephone. desbloquear htc

Fundamentally, you'll find three steps to flash a custom ROM to your Touch Pro.

Unlock the telephone to enable it to load and boot custom ROMs Decide on and download your decision of custom ROMs Flash the custom ROM to your Touch Pro applying the ROM Update Utility (RUU)

  • If you may have a GSM Touch Pro, the course of action is practically equivalent except you will need to utilize a GSM unlocker and GSM custom ROMs.

desbloquear htc


Backup your individual information working with a system including PIM Backup (freeware). Also be certain your telephone has a minimum of a 50% charge.

Please read through this guide and download the all the necessary files beforehand. That way, you know just what you are obtaining into.

Unlock PhoneYou will will need to utilize the HardSPL utility to unlock the telephone. This is a relatively very simple process; all instructions and files necessary to perform this can be discovered in the site inside the resource box. unlock lg

Download and install Raphael_CDMA_HSPL_037.zip when you have a Sprint Touch Pro. For those who have a Verizon Touch Pro, use Verizon_HSPL_Package.zip.

Decide on and download your custom ROMThere are many, quite a few custom ROMs out there for the Touch Pro. To find custom ROMs, I go to the ROM forum at PPCGeeks.com. liberar blackberry

Look via the threads and locate a ROM that you just like. Custom ROMs differ in their preinstalled software, system settings, performance tweaks, and much more.

I chose to go with Yay four Juggs' v4.0 ROM as a result of the improved page pool plus a almost clean slate of applications. ROMs usually come compressed inside a .zip file. Extract the RUU_signed.nbh file to someplace on your tough drive temporarily in preparation for the next step.

Flash Custom ROMYou now want to get the ROM Update Utility (RUU) which could be found on the web-site within the resource box. Extract the RUU folder to someplace on your hard drive, like your desktop. Then copy the custom ROM file (RUU_signed.nbh) for the RUU folder you simply extracted. One example is, the RUU folder is at C:\RUU and the custom ROM is situated at C:\RUU\RUU_signed.nbh .

Power off your telephone by holding the power button down till you get this message:

"Power will probably be turned off, and you may shed information in case you have not saved them. Do you wish to continue?"

Decide on "Yes" plus the telephone will shut off. Now, hold the down energy and volume down button simultaneously till you see the tri-color bootloader screen. Then connect your telephone by way of USB cable for your computer system. The picture towards the appropriate shows what your screen must appear correct prior to flashing.

When you've got everything hooked up properly, run the ROMUpdateUtility.exe plan inside of your ROM Utility Updater folder (e.g. C:\RUU\ROMUpdateUtility.exe). Stick to the onscreen guidelines to flash the custom ROM for your telephone. Reboot your phone in the end and you're finished. Take pleasure in the new custom ROM! desbloquear lg