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Ирина Повстяная

Участники группы "Лингвисты"

Тема исследования группы

Выбор будущей профессии

Choosing the future profession

Проблемный вопрос (вопрос для исследования)

Какую выбрать профессию?

Which profession to choose?

Гипотеза исследования

Мы считаем, что в мире существует множество разнообразных профессий, о которых нужно узнать.

Цели исследования

1. Ознакомиться с наиболее перспективными профессиями.

2. Решить, какая из них наиболее подходящая, с учётом личных качеств и предпочтений.

3. Узнать более подробно о понравившейся профессии.

4. Составить отчёт по результатам исследования.

5. Обсудить результаты в классе.

Результаты проведённого исследования

Choosing a career is one of the most important and tough decisions people will ever make in life. According to Confucius, "Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life." It is absolutely true. If you are passionate about your work, you have more chances to succeed.


Before young people finish school all of them think that they will choose a profession they want. But later all of them understand that choosing a profession or a career is a very serious problem.

Economist22.jpg Юрист221.jpg

Today the most popular professions are lawyers and economists. These professions are prestigious. After graduating from Law and Economist Faculties it is possible to find good jobs. To be a designer is attractive too. This profession can fit creative people who know how to mike things around them look nice. For those young adults who choose the profession of a chemist, a mathematician or a physicist the determinant factor is not prestige but interesting and inclination. To be a biologist is very prestigious today, because the biologist are at the forefront of clonning. To be a sociologist or psychologist very interesting and useful too. Psychologists try to help people to cope with their spiritual problems. Sociologists study the health o the society.

The Economist - the profession of today. Though the word "economy" was coined in ancient Greece, meaning "home economics" that is, the economic analysis was housekeeping. In our country the concept of "economist" was accepted widely enough to interpret, so it happened.And now commonplace economist called some universal expert in the field of industry, business and commerce. Even job postings seen that employers often mixed different responsibilities in one concept.Economists really need a variety of organizations - from small businesses to the largest banks. We here do not have enough no place to list all specialization in finance and credit, commerce, accounting and auditing, which encompasses the qualification "economist".The Economist is one of the most important experts in the enterprise. No business can conduct their business without a business plan. It was this officer asks the motion vector of joint efforts of all employees. The Economist provides an economic analysis of business organizations, develops measures to ensure saving mode, efficiency, the identification of reserves, prevention of losses and wastage, more efficient use of all resources. Performs calculations for material, labor and financial costs required for works (services) research and development in the development of new technology.

Every lawyer is required to protect the law. The legal profession is very popular and highly paid today. He is responsible to use laws to help people live safely and comfortably. Still, it is not all an easy work to do. A lawyer gives you pieces of advice on legal problems or gives reasons for defending people in the court. Today a good lawyer is of great demand in our country.

Programmer23.jpg Математика1222.jpg

One of the most fashionable and prestigious professions of today is that of a computer operator. Although computers came into our life only in the 1960s they quickly gained the ground of the contemporary society having become its indispensable part. Today our life is entirely connected with computers. With the help of computers people can do a lot of wonderful things from controlling spaceship up to buying books and participating in virtual conferences. New programmes are needed all the time to meet the increasing demands of our time. The roots of computer science lie primarily in the related fields of electrical engineering and mathematics. Electrical engineering physics and mathematics became the source of the development of computers. Boolean algebra developed in the 19-th century made its contribution to the elaboration of different programmes. Computers began to be widely used 40 years ago. From the start they were used for computational support of scientific and engineering disciplines and for business needs. Mathematicians did a lot for the development of the computer science. The significance of Mathematics in the general system of human knowledge constantly rises. Modern mathematical ideas and methods are used for the control of spaceship flights, different branches of industry, and transport systems. Applied Mathematics is part of different arts and sciences, such as Physics, Biology, Medicine, and Linguistics.

A programmer, computer programmer or coder is someone who writes computer software. The term computer programmer can refer to a specialist in one area of computer programming or to a generalist who writes code for many kinds of software. One who practices or professes a formal approach to programming may also be known as a programmer analyst.

Profession of a teacher is one of the most ancient professions but even today it still remains one of the most important. Teachers do not only educate their students, but bring them up and help them become part of the society. Not everyone can be a teacher as being a teacher means being a good example. Teacher must have an immaculate reputation, be someone who his or her students can be proud of, trust and seek advice. Teachers, along with parents, take part in the process of upbringing. Teachers help resolve conflicts and arguments, they explain the rules of behaviour and a lot more. It is very important for a teacher to find an approach to every student. Professionalism of a teacher also plays a great role.

Историк12.jpg Лингвист122.jpg

To be a historian is also very important today. People think that it is possible to live without looking back at the historical past. But it is a mistaken view. We cannot live without history because it is around us. By analysing the past we can avoid the mistakes in the future. If people do not use the experience of the past they will inevitably make mistake in the present. Historians have always tried to understand past human lives and societies. History helps to understand the global historical process. Historians interpret the processes of the past to explain the processes of the present and foresee the processes of the future.


По итогам работы были рассмотрены основные профессии популярные на сегодняшний день. Участниками были сделаны доклады о понравившимся им профессиям, а затем подведены итоги по каждой учебной группе.

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