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Авторы и участники проекта

Ульяна Осипова

Участники группы "Психологи"

Тема исследования группы

Meaning of the family

Проблемный вопрос (вопрос для исследования)

Что значит семья для людей? What does the family mean for people?

Гипотеза исследования

We believe that family is the main value in the life of every person.

Цели исследования

Проанализировать какую ценность представляет семья для человека.

Выявить наиболее значимые ценности семьи.

Построить ментальную карту по результатам исследования.

Результаты проведённого исследования

The family is the first school a baby enters in this merciless and cruel world. There we get ACQUAINTED with the world around us and receive our first lessons. A newborn child for the first time hears his or her first language, learns to understand and speak it. Relatives help us to take the first small steps. We acquire skills necessary for our live. Also family is responsible for quick and proper physical and mental development of a child. It’s a fact, that kids who have grown up in an orphanage, develop slower and often have problems at every turn and twist of their future life.

The family is the most important force that assumes responsibility for character formation. Every family has a set of values that determines our behavior, gives expression to beliefs and gives meaning to our everyday life. Moreover we all inherit some qualities from our relatives. Whatever, we learn from our family over the years. They teach us the value of love, affection and care. Family determines to a large extent the social the social roles that children will perform.

The family provides us with tools necessary for getting a success in our life. They help us to building career. Relatives give us valuable knowledge about different career prospectives. Also they help us to choose one’s own path in life, give us financial support. Family’s interests, skills, goals and family's members’ education predetermine our future life. For instance those children who belong to the families which have a rich education background tend to learn more.

Household has a great social importance and makes better society. A perfect family is a good example. She raises a citizen and gives us example of behavior in society. Values and traditions shape the culture of the family and ultimately the culture of the nation. All those create memories and leave a family legacy. It’s way of forming generations.

Ментальная карта


В процессе работы над проектом была проанализирована ценность семьи в жизни человека, выявлены наиболее значимые ценности семьи. Результаты проделанной работы представлены в виде ментальной карты. Цели и задачи, поставленные в проектной работе, выполнены. Исследовано влияние семьи на жизнь человека в целом.

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